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开发 Rollerbush

Shoot lets you take control over your camera in an intuitive and powerful way and turn it into a highly capable and fully featured camera, with emphasis on photo quality and user experience.★ Shoot is:- As powerful as it gets but with an intuitive and simplistic design- Optimized for speed and minimal lag- Maximizing photo quality- A way to learn more about photography and camera settings- Constantly evolving, with lots of exciting features and improvements on the way
If theres something in particular that you like in the app, or dislike, please dont forget to give us your feedback in a review!
★ Features (support is device specific):- Manual focus- Manual exposure compensation (EV +/-)- Manual shutter speed/exposure time (shutter priority)- Manual ISO sensitivity- Manual white balance- RAW support (.dng file format)- Optimized for post processing mode for JPEG images (optional output mode with minimal noise reduction and sharpening)- Real time histogram for camera preview- Blown highlights live warning (shows what will be overexposed in the current composition)- Black shadows live warning- Photo guide full of articles on how your camera operates and can be manually controlled- Detailed technical camera device information- HD video recording- Burst captures- Self timer (1 - 20 s)- Current auto or manual exposure details (shutter speed/exposure time, aperture, ISO sensitivity)- Cable and remote shutter release via headset and bluetooth headset button- Current focus distance indicator- Vibration feedback (wont introduce image blur)- Auto metering lock with pressed shutter button (similar to half pressed shutter on compact or DSLR cameras)- Geotagging (gps, cell network or wifi based)